Corporate Services

International Tax planning
International Tax planning

G20 is systematically destroying bank secrecy for tax purposes. With the help of BEPS plan, there is a struggle with offshore companies around the world.

More and more countries are joining Common Reporting Standards (CRS). The integrity of corporate and personal accounts data will soon become a myth.

What can we assist with?

  • Tax audit of business structures
  • Development of optimal business structures
  • Liquidation of foreign companies
  • Analyzing of CFC risks and Controlling Person’s obligations
  • Liquidation / re-domiciliation of companies in view of CFC rules
Lana Golian, partner
Corporate structuring and management
Corporate structuring and management

Corporate legislation of Ukraine has changed and provided the Ukrainian companies’ owners with the opportunity to use international tools for business management:


What can we assist with?

  • Development of optimal business structures
  • Tax planning
  • Corporate agreements
  • Sheet of terms
  • Shareholders agreements
  • Independent corporate directors’ services

Modelling of strong corporate foundation is the key to the development of your multi-million-dollar corporation.

Ruslan Redka, attorney, Managing Partner
Business risk controlling
Business risk controlling

Any business is closely tied with risks.

Risk decisions require collegiality. A compliance officer must have qualified advisers.

For the risk management to effective, risk reducing strategy should be developed first.


What can we assist with?

  • Risk audit: corporate, tax, commercial
  • Creating an effective company risk map
  • Development of risk reduction roadmap
  • Implementation of risk reduction mechanisms
  • Business game “Search is the sign of success”, Training “Labor in law”
Ruslan Redka, attorney, Managing Partner
Registration of foreign companies
Registration of foreign companies

The era of offshore is over. Let’s just grin and bear it.

However, nobody canceled the registration of companies in foreign jurisdictions.

  • We accompany the registration of companies:

Switzerland, Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Hungary, Estonia, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Poland, Georgia, United Arab Emirates, United States

  • We assist opening of bank accounts:

Switzerland, Liechtenstein, USA, Cyprus, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland

Lana Golian, partner
Execution of investments
Execution of investments

We are deeply convinced that investment into the economy is the key to the country’s prosperity.

We are able to correctly execute investments from the stage of negotiations to the stage of a possible exit of investments.

What can we assist with?

  • Sheet of terms
  • Shareholders agreement
  • Corporate agreements
  • Independent corporate directors’ services
  • Warrant Certificate
  • Venture Capital Investments


We are assisting the mature businesses and startups as well.

Ruslan Redka, attorney, Managing Partner
Handling the formalities for the foreigners
Handling the formalities for the foreigners

We are operating with more than 10 years’ experience in resolving issues of expats.

What can we assist with?

  • Get the work permit
  • Get temporary or permanent residence permit
  • Accompany the acquiring of Ukrainian citizenship
  • Get a tax payer identification code
  • Register your address in Ukraine
Natalia Radchenko
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Private clients

Financial Planning

Streamlined personal finances and optimal tax burden – we know how to achieve this.

Only the diligent control of financial flows and in-depth knowledge of Ukrainian and international legislation can give the desired effect.

What can we assist with?

  • Tax audit of personal assets
  • Development of optimal ways to manage personal assets
  • Completion and filing declarations of private persons
  • Creation of trusts and private foundations
Natalia Radchenko, partner
Bank account

Every Ukrainian is able to open a foreign bank account; but not every foreign bank is ready to open it for him. In order to increase the probability of opening foreign account, it is necessary to properly prepare for the procedures of KYC and AML financial institutions.

What can we assist with?

  • Preparing for compliance
  • Support for account opening
  • Support for securities account opening
Lana Golian, partner

For a person who desires to be a welcome client for financial institutions and not have problems with local tax authorities, it is critical to be in compliant with their requirements.

Good grounding for compliance procedures is the key to an easy financial life.


What can we assist with?

  • Tax audit of personal assets
  • Submitting declarations
  • Preparing for compliance procedures
  • Supporting on account opening
Natalia Radchenko, partner

It is always useful to get the latest information on the advantages and disadvantages of residency of other countries.

What can we assist with?

  • assist in obtaining residence permits and permanent place of residence in Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, Monaco, the United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Portugal, Canada and other countries
    • assist with tax residence change in Ukraine
  • assist in obtaining tax resident status in Cyprus, Monaco, the UAE and other countries
Natalia Radchenko, partner
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Assets and Investments

Real Estate / Land

As a rule, transactions on the acquisition of foreign real estate consist of certain stages and details that should be carefully considered:

What we can assist with?

  • real property valuation
  • draft of contracts
  • analysis of ownership “purity” of the previous owners
  • opening of bank accounts for the transaction
  • analysis of sources of origin for money in transaction
  • structuring of transaction using business structures to optimize taxation (in case of expensive objects)
  • arrangement of financial reporting and tax calculation
Investments into securities and corporate rights

Currency liberalization opened possibility to legally invest into the purchase of securities and corporate rights.

This means every Ukrainian can invest part of his/her savings into the shares of Google or Facebook and legally own them.

What we can assist with?

  • correct arrangement of investments
  • opening of accounts in foreign banks
  • analysis of sources of funds for purchase
  • preparing and filing of income statements
Digital assets

Digital assets are high-risk investment tool. We treat it carefully, considering all the rules for investing in other financial instruments.


We assist with:

  • preparation and passing of compliance on cryptocurrency exchanges
  • preparation and passing of compliance in financial institutions that are ready to work with fiat currency
  • understanding of business structures and taxes
  • passing hard-compliance when blocking crypto assets or fiat on the exchange / in bank
Investments into the Startups

In the Startup world it is said “As long as one unicorn is born, thousands of sheep may die.”

Due to the high risk of non-return, investing into the Startups requires a careful approach to legalizing the relationship between the investor and the Startup team.

What we can assist with?

  • Development of optimal business structures
  • Tax planning
  • Corporate agreements
  • Sheet of terms
  • Shareholders agreements
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Trusts and Private Foundatins

Trusts and Funds as modern form of personal capital management are considered to be the most convenient tools for managing personal assets.

While operating them a high level of professionalism and scrupulousness are required.

Trust is the basis of everything!


We assist with:

Trust registration:

  • Cyprus
  • USA
  • Jersey island, Guernsey island, island of Maine and other jurisdictions

Funds Registration:

  • Liechtenstein
  • the UAE
  • Czech Republic
  • Nevis and other jurisdictions
Natalia Radchenko, partner

Attorney Services

White collar crime

– preparing employees for participation in the “mask show” and investigative activities

– assisting during searches, interrogations and other investigative activities

– release from operating accounts’ and VAT accounts’ arrests

– release from arrest and return of property

–  appeal of decisions regarding temporary access to company property and documents

– preliminary case legal audit before serving suspicion

– initiation of the closure of criminal proceeding

– representation of client’s interests in court

– assessment of the complaint admissibility to the ECHR (European Court of Human Rights)

–  preparing of complaints regarding legal entities’ protection in the ECHR (European Court of Human Rights)

– involving of the institution of a business ombudsman into the conflicts with law-enforcement agencies

Denis Ovcharov, attornet, partner
Tax disputes

– preparing to tax audits and its support

– appealing results of tax audits and additional tax accruals made by the tax service

– appealing other decisions of regulatory authorities

– appealing decisions of regulatory authorities related to the tax payers’ risk and registration of tax invoices

– organizing communication with regulatory authorities

– preparing and assisting during control audits of State Labour Inspection

– appealing control audit results of State Labour Inspection

Dmytro Kulyk, attorney, Junior partner
Corporate disputes

– preparing qualified opinion on the essence of the dispute and strategies for its overcoming

–  representing client interests at the stage of pre-trial settlement

– participation in negotiations regarding dispute resolving

– preparing agreements between parties of the conflict

–  taking of evidence for filing lawsuit in court

– protecting client from claims of other company’s participants or management

– appealing decisions of general meeting of the participant of the company that contradict company’s charter, good practice or company interests, or cause harm to the participant

– drafting corporate agreements and non-revocable powers of attorney

–  appealing agreements, executed by the company

–  supporting lawsuits related to violation of the participants’ rights to the share in the authorized capital

Ruslan Redka, attorney, Managing partner
Competition & Antitrust litigation

– preparing legal position in cases on anticompetitive concerted actions related to distortion of bidding results

– analysis of company activity with respect to the committing anti-competitive concerted actions on the market

– preliminary analysis of the assessment on business entities concentrations

– preventive measures in order to prepare for the AMCU and its territorial bodies’ inspections

– supporting of AMCU and its territorial bodies’ inspections

– appealing AMCU inspections results in court

Anatolii Kyseliov, attorney, Junior partner
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